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Let me tell you a little about myself!

I was born and raised in San Diego, California. I moved to Oahu in March of 2007 and fell in love with the islands.

I have always wanted a career where I could help people. I was looking for the right avenue, when in 2010 I saw my first set of eyelash extensions. When presented with the opportunity to have the service myself, I couldn’t wait. I still remember not only how beautiful my lashes looked, but also how it made me feel. Needless to say I was hooked! Later, at an event sponsored by Nordstrom’s, I met an esthetics instructor and instantly knew I was meant to be an esthetician. I could create a relaxing environment for my clients, help people feel great about themselves, and share my desire to promote beauty both inside and out. Next step: esthetics school!

In January 2011, I attended Makana Esthetics Wellness Academy and with in 9 months became a Hawaii State licensed esthetician. I started my career at a new hair salon doing waxing. I was excited to share my training and passion to help “beautify” others inside and out. In April 2012 I attended an Xtreme Lashes training course. It taught me that to excel as a lash stylist, I needed to perfect the intricate detail required to properly apply lash extensions. I quickly learned and perfected not only the application details, but also the cleansing process and design aspects. I spent the next year working and perfecting my techniques and in March 2013 I received my Xtreme Lashes Stylist Certification. The same year that I was awarded my Lash Stylist Certification, a new style of lashing emerged from Russia. The new technique was called "Russian Volume." I studied the theory behind this new "volume" technique for over a year before attempting to practice it. After months of practice I added it to my menu of services and the demand was simply amazing. Soon after the addition to my menu, I was thrilled to discover that world renound Master Lash Artist and international judge Loretta Jasilionyte was planning to train in Honolulu. In August 2016 I was blessed with the opportunity to attend Loretta's training course and recieved my Advanced Last Artist certification.

I continue to educate myself in my life’s passion. I am a proud member of the Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP). I strive to learn something every day from my research in industry books, magazines and beauty forums. I attend monthly webinars for business management, product knowledge and skin care education.I believe knowledge is power. I strive to share this knowledge and my skills with as many people as possible. I want to continue to my passion to improve internal and external beauty, one person at a time.

Please feel free to email me with any question, comments or concerns. Mahalo for stopping by!.

Best Regards,

Sarah Matthews

Hawaii Licensed Esthetician & Advanced Lash Artist